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What i offer - Angebotsliste

This list is for the very basics you can have on fursuit stuff. Extras will be excluded, therefore, if you wish to get the quote for a fursuit that contains extras, then you would have to send me an e-mail to get it (please check first if i am open for quotes!).

Please keep in mind, that i will use standard fur for everything, so there is no long or short fur option in the basics! I dont do murrsuits aka "mature/adult" suits and i dont offer digitigrade legs yet.

You can buy the whole "packet" or just parts like a body or handpaws.

I dont create toony fursuits (only if resineyes are okay) and murrsuits!

Handpaws basic - No claws, no pawpads, fur goes to the elbow, undersites are trimmed. Maximum 2 furcolors, simple markings

Feetpaws basic - No pawpads, no claws, fur goes over the ankle, the shoebottom will be visible under the feetpaws, toes are trimmed. Maximum 2 furcolors, simple markings. (more colors possible, adds to the pricing!)
You have to provide own UNUSED (!!) shoes to me.

Body basic - No handpaws or feetpaws included, no tail includet, no head included, plantigrade legs. Maximum 2 furcolors, simple markings, no fur trimmed. Zipper at the back. (more colors possible, adds to the pricing!)
You have to provide a fullbody duct-tape-dummy to me.

Head basic (resin) - 3cm or 4cm normal eyes - Canine, Feline or Horse - Resin-nose or custom sculpted (no silicone) - sculpted bottom lip inclusive - No hairstyle, with moving jaw, no follow-me eyes, no airbrush, c#with custom jawset bottom, with custom tongue, no whiskers, no horns etc. Maximum 2 furcolors, simple markings. Normal or small sized ears. Face trimmed. (more colors possible, adds to the pricing!)

Tail basic - up to 60cm, maximum 2 furcolors, simple markings. Sewn tail, no yarntails. No extras like horns for dragons. Tail is stuffed with polyfill and comes along with a belt. (more colors possible, adds to the pricing!)

Add any extras and the price gets higher.

Helping hand on your project offered too!
Do you need help or want me to make stuff for you?
You can ask me for help if you are not sure how to do things. And yes you can send me your stuff so i can have a look and maybe finish tasks for you. Right now i only offer this for heads. Like putting in jawsets, setting up a bottom lip. Furring a head and so on. There is no pricelist for that, so you should simply ask me. I offer this only for germany and i wont pay any shipping costs!

Extras aka, what is possible to get if it is not already in the basic?
For the price you will have to e-mail me.

Possible extras:

Follow-Me eyes - 3cm or 4cm - With or without LED
Any other blankhead you would like me to use
Jawsets full - Bottoms are selfmade individually by me, full jawsets can be bought for your head or selfmade by me.
Tongue - Selfmade by me is made of sculpting clay like FIMO, can also buy silikone tongues and implement them.
Big ears
LED-featured resineyes
Muzzlefan for aircirculation
Claws for hand- or feetpaws
Pawpads for hands - fabric or silicone - I dont offer them for feetpaws
Horns - If they are offered from DVC or any other seller, i can implement them
Airbrush for Head, Body, Tail, Feetpaws or Handpaws (I still a rookie with airbrushing.)
Longer fur than 38-40mm (Most likely is there just white or natural looking fur possible, best is to ask)
Shorter fur than 38-40mm (Is not recommended!)

If there is anything excluded from the basics, but not included in the extras, i might have forgotten it. You can send me a mail and ask for anything.

Definitely excludet and not offered things: Digitigrade legs, electronics that make sound or move a bodypart, LED-Work (only possible in eyes).

You will need to send me a mail for any quote.

Price Range:
Partials start at 2000,00€
Fullsuits start at 3500,00€

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