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About me

Drawing by Nerventee

You seem to be veeeery nosey!

Well okay.

I am born in 1983 in germany. I lived with my family till i was 17, close to my 18th birthday i moved out.
After that, i lived on my own, along with many pets untill the age of 33.
Im happily living together with my boyfriend since then

I love tarantulas, reptiles.. man.. and much more! I owned cats, mouses, snakes and lots of tarantulas. I still do have petsnakes, pettarantulas, petcentipede and pet-hissing-roaches.
My first try building a fursuit was back in 2013. I have done cosplay before, but i was not a furry.. not even as i made my first attempts for something that you could call a fursuit.

It was this thing here:

Based on the "Kingdom Hearts II" character Axel. In a lionized way, kinda.

I think that made the way up to become a furry (in a very light version, im not all too deep in the fandom), but first i was really not. I loved animals since my childhood, a good way to go on and grow up with. I looked for a videogame in which you could play animals as characters and then found "Impressive Title".
What a weird name for a game, but i loved it really much. Some years after that i got to Second Life and startet to like anthro animals. And yeah.. i met other furries and got in contact with people who liked fursuits and i got to know about that.
It took some time being in that state, but then i joined a german furry-forum and collected information about fursuits, building them, eventually saving money to let one build.. but in the end i decidet to do it myself. So yeah.. thats my story so far

And this is my fursona: Tigg

Updated Ref here

And the real me

You can also find me on..
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