Tigg Craftings


My very first Head for Tigg.

Result in half. (With NEW handpaws)

Due to the absolute bad quality of the longhair fur, i have ditched the whole suit, never used it but for one anime/manga convention and for this halloween picture.
Therefore, i do not have any other or more pictures of this suit. I still have the bodysuit and the head, but the head will be unfurred and used for another project. The only thing left of this work is the bodysuit and the tail. No feet, no handpwas. The tail or body are not buyable.

My Tiggsuit started different.
Here are some Pictures of how i made the head. I will post some fullbody pictures of Tigg... when i get some good ones haha.

As you can see, she got airbrush.. my first try, and its not very good. I removed the fur to remake everything. At the moment these pictures with black airbrushing are old.

Some pictures

  And the Result of no-airbrush.

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