Tigg Craftings

Commission FAQ

Here are some answers you might have about my commissions.

How long will you need to finish my order?
That depends on what you have ordered. If i am free and not loadet with much work from my "real" work or have any other projects running, it might take just some months. For example, i used 4 months for a full head with open jaw, jawset and follow-me eyes. That is no guarantee that your order will be finished that fast too!

How can i pay you?
PayPal. If you sit on a mass of gold you can use Western Union. Germans and austrians can use their bank accounts.

Are you accepting payment plans?
Yes i do. You will have to pay 30% of the endprice first, that amount is not refundable! I expect the rest to be payd within a max. of 12 months. If the price is not high, the timespan can be shorter. So the monthly payments are mainly calculated for this.
I expect the first payment within a month after you got the "Go" from me (if we havent agreed on somthing else), that i will start working on your suit. After that, monthly payments must arrive untill the 6th of every month, if the money comes later, inform me before that date! If you wont do that, i will stop to work on your suit until you got back to me within 3 days after an overdue payment. If you miss this, i will simply cancel your order, keep 30% of the full price and send you the rest back along with bought items. If i already worked on stuff, i will also keep the amount of money that i already spent in work-time on it!
Please note it is your responsibility to keep me informed about your payments, you will get an info every time i received your money.

For everything under 800€ i only accept monthly payments with at least 100€ per month.

What happens when my plans or life changes and i cannot fullfill the payment plan and have to cancel the order?
As sed above i will keep 30% of the money. If i already have bought anything from your payed money (except that 30%), then i will send the supplies to you and wont pay you the money back. That is important to know, so you should really really REALLY be sure that you can afford a suit or a part of it!

When will you start to build my order?
I will start when at least half of it is payed. If there are any interruptions with payments, like you want to set out a month, i will go on the safe side and wait till the full price is payd before i start. That of course adds the building time on top.

Where do you ship your items to?
At the moment i would ship worldwide. Unless i get a customer in a country that makes stress much, i might change that. But for now: Wherever you can receive packs/mails.

What mail-service do you use?
I use german DHL. Its not the cheapest yeah, but it gets shipping insurance, can handle taxes and has tracking so far. I cant tell you if you can track it in your country, but it is possible in the USA since USPS is a partner of DHL.

What happens if anything is not like i want it?
I want to make sure everything is correct on your order. So i will update you every now and then, send pictures of the WIP and ask for changes. If you dont tell me what needs to be changed, then i will ship it as is. A change from furpatterns, markings etc. pp. is not possible if you already have got the item. However, if anything doesnt fit you, of course i will overwork the item again. However, i wont pay the shipments for that, so better give me right sizes and measurements and a good DTD i can work with.

I want to change things on my character!
If i already bought the stuff and you come along with changing, then you will have to pay the new supplies i need. If there are just small changes, i can mostly work with the fur and stuff i already got. But changing the clawcolor for example, will lead to more costs. Why? I will have to buy new claws for the project and that counts for anything else too. So i wont pay that out of my pocket. It is your responsibility to to inform me about changes before i buy anything to work on your suit.

How much will shipping cost?
That depends what you have ordered and where you live. I can not tell you that for sure. The shipping costs are not in the price for the fursuit parts and have to be payed after i got the estimate.

When will you ship the item?
After everything is done and payed. Of course you will get final pictures of your items before i ship them to you.

Can i save money when i send you fur i want to be used, or anything else?

Actually i would like to organise everything myself. So i am sorry to say that, but no, you can not.

Where do you get your supplies?
You can easy look that up on this website
Some of the fur i get from a german provider, that has no website yet, but imports fur from the US. So most likely that would be fabrics.com fur or mendels and what not.

How do you sew your items?
Handpaws, feetpaws and heads are completely handsewn. Only the bodysuit is sewn via machine. Markings are usually also handsewn, unless they are airbrushed.

Do you sew in extra fabric so the skin doesnt rubb on the furunderside?
No. You should get something extra to wear in your fursuit.

Are you making the headblanks yourself?

No i dont. I use them from german providers or import them from the USA.

Why is it so much more expensive when i want you to use DVC items or any other importet items?
The questions answers it well: Import. Importing items is expensive. Let alone the high shipping cost and then you have to face the taxes and the stress to get the item off the taxes office and so on.

Are you making copyrighted characters?
Well... if it is someone elses fursona or OC you want a fursuit made of, then no, i dont do that. If you come along commissioning me doing that and i make it, then it is far beyound my knowledge that this char isnt yours. So, YOU will be responsible for that. If i get to know that i am making a char that isnt rightfully yours and it is still in the processing: You wont get anything. You wont get back any money or materials i have used already. I wont finish the project and just simply stop. Plus, i will keep the equal amount of money that i have spent on working on the project! So you better dont come up with such a bad idea.
If you want a character like a pokemon or anything else from a movie, then yes, this is just fine for me.

Id like to use pictures of the suit that you took for your website, is that okay?
You can only use these to show others the link or an maximum to upload it to Furaffinity, Deviantart or any other artistic site or wherever you want to show the picture. However. It is not okay if you use pictures/photos that are not made by yourself for avatars, signatures etc.
All the pictures and photos do have copyright to the one who made it. By buying a suit from me, you do not gain rights to use the pictures/photos. Keep that in mind.
If you want an icon or signature or whatever else of your costume, please go ahead and make pictures yourself.
You can ask for an icon or picture for you own use made by me, of course!

If there is anything you are not okay with, i am not the right fursuitbuilder for you!

DTD Requirements.

NEVER use packing tape for making a DTD! It is not strong enough and i am not going to work with something that falls apart.
You will have the black or silver repair tape or just duct tape. A strong tape that doesnt cost much but is effective!
When taping a DTD, wear a painters suit or a pyjama and DONT make the tape stripes tight! If the DTD is tight, then the suit will be extra tight and you are in danger to rip your fursuit apart.
I will only work with a DTD, if it is taped up solidly. That means: No spots should be showing any cloth. Everything should be covered. If you hold up the DTD and notice there is something not holding tight, place extra strips of tape onto it. However, that might cause wrong sizements.. if you notice that after you slipped out the DTD! I will not be responsible for anything that doesnt fit, cause the providet DTD is not made well.
Should i get a DTD that is unusable for me to make patterns for your suit, i will trash it and ask for a new DTD. Of course you will have to buy everything for that again.
You have to tape every cuts back together. If you cut off the arm to get out of the DTD, you will have to tape it back in place onto the DTD. And make sure it is in the right place, otherwise the suit will be twisted, and that is your responsibility. I can not work with something that is not made with care and attention.

The best way to get off the DTD is to cut from the left/right inner ankle to the crotch and back down to the other ankle. Then cut from the middle of the crotch to the neck. Last should be the top of the arms being cut to the neck.
I prefer the feet being wrapped too, but its not mandatory.

That should make less work for you and makes you do minimal cuts on the DTD.