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Suit warranty - Gewährleistung

In case anything happens to your suit, these are the following things i offer for free.

Repair of seams.
In case that any seams rip apart or open, are gotten loose or need any kind of repair, i will do that just for free.

In case any part that was was glued, like the fur on your head, loose claws, loose eyes, loose teeth/jawset or anything else like that, just give it back to me and i will repair that for free.

Airbrush refresh.
If you have got airbrush on your suit, i will rebrush it once after a time of wearing. You can choose the time on when you would like to get your airbrush refreshed. Every re-airbrush after this would cost a little fee.

Non-free support.

Adding additional airbrush, not just refreshing the old.

Adding claws, or anything else new, to your suit that wasnt implemented before.

Refitting your suit if you have lost weight.

The warranty expires when:

You have got a problem or the wish of additions to your suit and you dont talk back to me so i can handle it. If anyone, except myself, lays a hand on your suit that is made by me, you will lose the complete warranty. Yes, even if someone just sews together a seam or adds an airbrush accent. Be aware that i wont help you after this anymore with your suit and needs, never.

You can always talk to me if you would like to get repairs by a local person or yourself, if you got any repairs that need to be done. If you get the okay from me, what is simply most time no problem by me, then you still have the full warranty for future repairs. But if it happens that the repairs of someone else makes bigger damage to the suit than repairing it, my repair service wont be free anymore.

In every case of repairing/support, you will have to pay the shipping costs for your suit on both ways (sending and returning!).

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